Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Fresh and Relevant Tradeshow Booths Best Promote Products and Services

Try flipping through the pages of a design annual that is only a year of two old. It will impress you how quickly trends and styles change. Messaging and images that were relevant just a short while ago seem stale today and you would not consider running a tired concept in your print advertising. So why are you trying to get one more year out of that warn tradeshow display? Nothing good lasts forever. It’s probably time to refresh the look and likely the messaging of your tradeshow displays, banner stand graphics, roll up displays and tradeshow banners relating to your trade show marketing materials.

Fortunately S2imaging can help with cost effective trade show signage and banner stand graphics with a full line of portable displays, parts and accessories to enhance, build up, add to or replace your warn trade show display parts. Your trade show booth should present your company and your products and services in the best light to trade show attendees with fresh, current messaging. Cutting edge, relevant, and well thought out trade show booths with stunning graphics, banner stands, product display stands, kiosks and literature racks invite visitors to learn more about your company. At a trade show you are literally placed head to head against your competition. They may be conveniently located only a few display booths away. Will your tradeshow display measure up? Your organization’s commitment to quality and service should be reflected in your trade show booth. Take an honest look at your display. Has it been years since you thought about it? Though tradeshows only happen a few times a year, it is important to stay competitive. S2imaging can help you evaluate what materials you have on hand and design the most cost effective solution to keep you on the leading edge. Quality trade show booths don’t have to cost a lot when you work with S2imaging as we are one of the market leaders in trade show displays nationally. We can design everything from standard-size trade show exhibits to custom truss exhibit booth and modular trade show exhibits and ship them anywhere.

S2 is THE Expert in trade show exhibits. S2 imaging was founded in 1982, by Joe Shaw. Since then S2 has offered portable trade show exhibits at affordable prices while at the same time offering unparalleled service. S2 specializes in tradeshow exhibits and portable trade show displays that get noticed. 1-800-650-4286

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Joe Shaw is owner of S2 Imaging, and has been serving the advertising and marketing industry since 1977 with the latest print technology, providing design and manufacture of large format graphics on a wide variety of materials and display solution.
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