Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2013

If You Want An Extreme Xbox Racing Experience Try The Xbox Porsche Wheel

Perhaps you already drive a Porsche or have had the chance to drive one! If you have than you will be really thrilled by the realism of using a Xbox Porsche wheel with your Xbox console, especially if you are playing great driving games like the latest version of Gran Turismo.

This is yet better news for those of us who cannot come up with the money for the rather large expense of owning a real Porsche. Here we can get the extreme Xbox thrill of racing our Porsche on some of the most exciting and demanding tracks around the world, again devoid of the extreme expense, which let’s be frank most of us clearly are never going to experience for real. That is unless you turn into a professional racing driver and gain loads of sponsorship to take your Porsche and tour the world with it. Still we can make believe and practise hard with our Porsche wheel.

I realize there are many experienced Xbox console users who could have until now, just experienced driving fantastic cars like the Porsche by using the good old fashioned joystick or even more difficult to master, the keyboard. The fabulous news is that by using something as high quality as the Porsche 911 Carrera wheel, you carry your console driving experience to a entire new level. Even if you use your PC or a PS3 rather than a Xbox 360 console you can still have an fabulous car racing experience that before this technical revolution was solely possible by driving the real thing on a race track.

It is not just the steering wheel that is available to you. To change your core Xbox console racing experience into an Xbox extreme realistic experience you want to make sure you also have other accessories, such as pedals and gears. These are not always integrated with the steering wheel so appreciate that you may have that extra expenditure. However, using those accessories will in fact help you get as close to a real racing car racing experience as is by any means possible devoid of actually being in a real car.

When you have had the experience of realism by using a steering wheel and accessories with your Xbox console, I am afraid you will clearly not want to go back to ever using the joystick or keyboard again. To you these old fashioned ways of control will be unexciting and boring and far too unrealistic for you to make an effort with any longer. From now on you will be challenging yourself to race like a pro as you learn to master each new car on each race track available.

Warning: To make sure that the steering wheel and accessories you buy are made to work with your gaming equipment whether it be an Xbox Console, your PC or whatever else. The other necessary aspect is the quality. Far too regularly have I sat down to play on a game only to realize the substandard of the steering wheel spoiled the whole experience. Compare this to using a good product with high-speed reactions and finely tuned controls allowing you to really race and get that Xbox extreme thrill you are searching for. Worth every cent!

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