Published On: Sat, Jan 5th, 2013

PHP Development in India as Compared to .Net and JAVA development

It is a known fact that India is one among the fastest growing countries in the world. Thanks to the different types outsourcing projects coming to India. We have heard of many different types of outsourcing services offered in India however software and web application development are new to us. Market for web application development especially PHP development in India is picking up pace over other applications like .net and JAVA.

PHP development in India undoubtedly has many benefits when compared to .net and JAVA. However before we discuss the benefits of PHP development in India it is important that we know what is PHP. It stands for a scripting language called hypertext preprocessor and has components which help scripting outstanding web applications.

.Net and JAVA may perform similar to PHP but are different when it is about coding and developing web applications. .Net is a Microsoft product which helps connect systems, people, information and devices to each other through software. It also helps in building, managing, deploying and using solutions securely. Software written and developed on a particular computer can be viewed on different computers irrespective of whether they are windows, unix or Mac based with the help of JAVA.

Indian market is full of JAVA, .net and PHP developers but it is observed that more projects come in for PHP development in India as compared to .Net and JAVA. There of course has to be some reason for this which we can know only by making a comparative study between the three.

.Net Vs PHP Development in India :-

More companies in India have moved towards PHP development but still there are people who are working on .Net development. Both PHP development in India and .Net development in India are good however there is one single reason why PHP is preferred over .Net and that is cost. .Net is an exclusive product of Microsoft and PHP is an open source. You need money to download .Net and supporting applications while PHP is totally free. Hence there is no investment required for PHP development in India other than the cost involved in hiring a PHP developer. Also platform varies while, PHP can work on any platform .Net will work only on Windows.

Java Vs PHP Development in India :-

One more powerful web development language is Java. The power it has makes it difficult to code and understand. Often it takes more time to load. Hence experienced professionals are required to work on Java. PHP on the other hand is much easier and loads within a fraction of seconds. PHP does not need a particular server to be functional however this is not case with Java. There is nothing that can be done on Java but not on PHP and hence most of the web development companies find it much better to offer PHP development services.

Thus it can be clearly concluded that PHP is much better than Java and .Net when it is about developing inexpensive but highly functional website applications.

PHP development in India has recently started but has conquered a large part of the market. It seems it is going to be the future of web development in India.
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